Often times, acne is misdiagnosed, thus, treated improperly. Acne, usually represents one of two things; either a fungal or bacterial infection. 

It is my belief that one of the reasons fungal induced acne is repeatedly misdiagnosed is because of the slight differences between the two types aren't easily recognizable. Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies have geared all newer acne medications towards treating bacterial acne only. And since there haven't been any efforts made to make, thus market fungal acne medications, it has stunted the required knowledge and experience needed to treat such a skin condition. 

In fact, there are no fungal based medications made specifically for fungal acne. Topical and oral fungal medications used to treat fungal acne originated for entirely different conditions, none related to acne. 

In short, I urge all my clients to do some research of their own before taking a Derms direction at face value.