Fungal Acne has a very definitive pattern on the face. It is typically located on several particular areas of the face. The forehead, along the hairline and the exterior jawline. Moderate to severe fungal infections have a tendency to make its way down to the neck, especially the sides of neck.

It can be seen very clearly at the topmost layer of the skin. They are whiteish in color. If it is a 'live' infection, it is nearly impossible to extract the entire comedone if at all. If it's no longer an existing infection, they usually shrink in size, rise to the surface of the skin and when expressed, they look like semi-solid, oval shaped, yellowish in color, pellets. 

When treated properly, Fungal infections usually clear up within 7-10 days. 

Moisture is what fungus breeds on. Wash your face and neck immediately after working out. You should get out of those sweaty gym clothes as well. Fungal infections happen on the body too. Fungal breakouts on the body often presents itself on the mid chest as well as mid back and shoulders.