Clean your skin throughly, with a gel cleanser. Use an acidic toner, make sure to include hairline, creases around nostrils, temples, in between eyes, even the eyebrows. Include the jawline, down to the mid neck. Next, apply corrective creams|serums And/Or Medicated creams that are suggested for your particular skin type, as directed. If your skin calls for it, moisturize. 

Wash your face immediately and throughly after working out. Use alcohol swabs to disinfect your eyeglass frames and phone. Change your pillow cases and face towels often. Disinfect your makeup brushes and throw out dirty sponges.

If you use an implement to wash your face, i.e, wash cloth, clarisonic, it must be disinfected and dried properly, daily. Dirty implements host fungus and bacteria. I would not suggest using loofahs or sponges.

Lastly, you will need extractions. This is a process of clearing clogged and compacted pores by manual or mechanical means.